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From the Pits:

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By now most of you have watched or read about the recent ALMS race at Mosport in Canada. The weather played a huge factor in this race as it was cold, cloudy and wet. The rain was sporadic at the track but kept the track just greasy enough to play a significant roll in Sundays race.

Mosport is the epicenter of Canadian Motorsports and the fans there are hardcore (to put it mildly). Lots of great people with a love of racing. Some of theses fans go as far to state the cars driven with the ///M logo on them as BM “V “s; the proper German way. These fans were ecstatic to see the cars qualify 1 and 2 after Saturdays round, about 8 laps in on Sunday things would start to go wrong.

This race can be characterized as one of bad luck. Those of you that were watching on Speed may have noticed that the tires on both cars appeared to start disintegrating shortly after the start of the race. They didn ‘t but it sure looked that way. Whether it was track debris, the temperature or the rain, the tires just were not right and both cars had them off as soon as they could get in to the pits.

The next setback came a few laps later when Bill was into a corner and had to check up secondary to a prototype in front of him, he saved the nose but the Flying Lizard Porsche smashed into his rear and did some significant damage to the aero kit and body of the #90. The bumper was ripped off and the car was rigged back together with tape and zip-ties to get back out there. The crew went as fast as they could but with such significant damage it set him back about 6 laps.

The #92 car driven by Tommy Milner race began to experience some intermittent issues with mechanicals as was evidenced by the smoke coming from the engine bay; easily interpreted as an oil leak or similar issue. After the driver change with Dirk behind the wheel the #92 seemed to finally catch its stride though it was now a lap down due to pit stops and caution flags. A short while later the car entered the pits and called it a day with smoke billowing from the engine bay, a race cut short due to mechanical issues.

It was a weekend of ups and downs. Even without earning any points for the race it was clear to see that the BMWs had a great advantage in the turns compared to the other GT2 cars. They can literally get the front inside wheel off the ground in a high speed turn, a sign of a truly rigid car and well tuned suspension. So one thing that can be taken from this race as a positive is that the BMW handling is still ahead of the others in class and should continue to be a building block of the car.

Enjoy the photos from track side and from the pits. We are editing some HD video of the pit stops and hope to have that up shortly.As always you can view higher resolution images by clicking the links below the photo browser or by visiting us over at Flickr