After the long wait we finally have some more information on the Power Kit for the 135i and 335i. Some of it is good news and some if it not so good. BMW has gone extra lengths to improve cooling with this kit, to keep reliability intact. As with all BMW Performance Accessories the factory warranty remains.

The kit is available for new car purchases as a port installed option. While it is recommended to install the exhaust with the kit is not a requirement, this will also cut down on labor time. Output is increased to levels we all expected, with an added bump in torque to the automatic as the transmission has a higher threshold.

The kit is not currently available as a dealer installed accessory though it is anticipated to be introduced to dealers as soon as it is certified.

Some pricing models are included, but at this point your dealer is the best option for prices as this can only be added to new car sales.

When this kit is given the approval to be installed outside the port there will be different versions of it based on the DME- ECU of the vehicle. There will be an increase cost for dealer installed kits of older pre-LCI vehicles but we will have more on that later.

BMW Performance Power Kit

Aftersales is pleased to announce the launch of the much anticipated BMW Performance Power Kit for the 135i and 335i models. With sporty performance, outstanding driving dynamics and innovative technology, the BMW Performance Power Kit maintains all of BMW’s key attributes but allows our customers to put a personal touch on their BMW.

The effects of the modifications to the engine tuning parameters include:

– Increased torque of 317ft-lbs (manual transmission) or 332ft-lbs (automatic transmission) available from just 1,500 rpm.

– Increased power output of 20 horsepower from 300 to 320hp

– Faster acceleration from 0 to 60m/hour (0.2seconds quicker than the standard model) and from 50 to 75m/hour (0.5seconds quicker than the standard model).

Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, meanwhile remain the same as for the standard model. To deal with the extra heat generated as a result of the engine modifications, an additional radiator, air intakes and a more powerful fan for the main radiator are incorporated into each kit.

Note: The performance modifications of the BMW Performance Power Kit in no way void the vehicle warranty. Additionally quality standards are not compromised in any way.

At this time there will be no center installation of the Power Kits until further notification. The Power Kits will be available for the pre E9x LCI models at that time as well.

Cost of Power Kit with Exhaust:


– Dealer cost of Power Kit MSRP $1,795
– Dealer cost of Air Duct Kit MSRP $ 195
– Dealer cost of Exhaust E90 MSRP $2,327
– Installation at Port (6 hours @$85) Labor $ 510
– Total $4,827


– Dealer cost of Power Kit MSRP $1,795
– Dealer cost of Air Duct Kit MSRP $ 195
– Dealer cost of Exhaust E92 MSRP $1,862
– Installation at Port (6 hours @$85) Labor $ 510
– Total $4,362