As we all know there is a lot of dis-inforation about there on the web and a lot of it stems from people interpreting news and photos incorrectly. And while we aren ‘t 100% this is what we hope it is, we do know that Worldcarfans assumption that it ‘s an all-wheel drive 1 Series mule is incorrect. How do we know this? For starters BMW has already made mention that the current generation 1 Series won ‘t have xDrive. Secondly there ‘s no reason why BMW would be testing 19 ” M wheels on an all wheel drive car.

So that leads us to the question, what is this car? For starters there are huge flares and 19 ” M wheels. Ok obviously odds are (if this is a mule) it ‘s an M product of some kind. Secondly the fact that this was taken on the road to the M GmbH headquarters gives us greater clues that this is indeed our first glimpse of what could be an M derived 1 Series.

We also know that Dr Segler (the new M boss and former MINI boss) is interested in an entry level M product based on the 1er and has ordered some initial investigation into what that product could be in both performance and cost. However we would expect that some sort of initial go-ahead would have to have been given before actual testing would commence. But does this mean the “Supersport ” is a go? We certainly hope so.

Update: Based on the info below provided by a usually reliable resource, we believe this could be the much rumored Supersport version of the current 1 Series. We expect this to go on sale late next year and to send the current generation out with a bang. More soon.

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