We have been hearing different things from different people about what ///M has in store for us enthusiasts in the near future. If you have been following the site over the past week you may have noticed that our friends in Garching have been clueing us in on both new and old projects that will not see production.

What they are hinting at is that some of the exercises completed in the ///M5 CSL project could be used in future vehicles and that several projects are underway. In typical BMW car launch fashion we have seen nearly undisguised test mules (1 ///M and a form of ///M3), and two concept cars (M///5 CSL and Convert) within a 3 week period. Our favorite Bavarian brand usually releases a model after such occurrences and from what we have been hearing, something may be in the works for early November.

Specifics are sketchy but center around a Special Edition ///M3 with weight/content reductions (no rear seat, etc.), improved ( ‘Ring specific) suspension, larger wheels and special badging. At this point we are trying to sort out fact from fiction but from many angles it seems like something is brewing and wanted to keep you informed as best we can though more than likely the US will not see this model. We will update you as we receive more hard facts.