Our good friend Jonathan Spira, was recently reviewing the BMW 7 Series when he unfortunately was involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Jonathan walked away unscathed from the crash with the SUV and tells us about the effectiveness of the BMWs safety systems from past to present models on his blog, the Executive Road Warrior.

In my case, this happened two weeks ago as I was proceeding on a major street with a green light.An Acura SUV made a left turn from opposing traffic and entered my path a second or so before impact.This gave me barely enough time to react, let alone successfully complete an evasive maneuver.I instinctively stomped on the brakes and tried to steer my way out of its way.The braking slowed the car down sufficiently so that I avoided a side impact to my car (which could have caused significant injury) but nonetheless, we still made contact as the SUV passed in front of me.

I heard the accident take place but I didn’t feel it at all. The car’s front crumple zone absorbed the impact so well that it was a minor thud to me at most.

I’m not sure of the speed when we hit, but I would guess it to be about 20 mph. The other driver, after realizing I had a green light, was extremely apologetic even though he suffered minor injuries from the accident and had to go to hospital to be checked out.

The most important thing is that the car I was driving, a new BMW 7er series, not only allowed me to walk away from the accident but absorbed so much of the impact that I was left completely unscathed.No safety system that currently exists can stop another driver from executing a maneuver that may result in an accident.What matters most is that the car you are in can keep the consequences of the impact to a minimum.