Today the guys over at CarPix have released many a photo of the next generation 3er to the web. While these models are clad with armor and swirls to hide details we can still get a feel for the size of the car. It appears to not have grown much, if at all.

What we do know is that the next generation 3 Series platform has been undergoing testing for sometime as it will be first utilized in form in the F25 X3 to debut as a 2011 model. The car will be stiffer and lighter than the current model 3, thanks to new metal fabricating techniques and the increased used of composites. Look for BMW to improve handling and performance while maintaining Efficient Dynamics ideals. A mild hybrid, along the lines of the 7 Active Hybrid we will see in the spring is also said to be offered.

With these next generation vehicles BMW will also employ advanced “greener ” electronics from Harmon. The systems will be lighter weight, use less power and be more streamlined in terms of design.

This is a bit early for a spy shot, but at the same time this car is well into development at this point.

You can view more photos with our friends over at