While we busily complete our first extensive review of the soon to release BMW 550i GT here is a little something to hold you over. Below is snippet of a review completed by our good friend Jonathan Sprira of the Executive Road Warrior (where his complete review can be found) and the BMWCCA.

The 2010 BMW 550i GT is built on the same platform as the new F01 7 Series, introduced last year, and might best be viewed as a kind of 7 Series wagon, despite its 5 Series moniker (clearly Munich agonized about what to call this car) and four-door coupé-like appearance.It’s definitely a niche vehicle with the combination of 7 Series legroom, X5 headroom, and a twin-turbocharged V-8 engine.The GT sits lower to the ground than the X5 or X6 but it’s a bit higher than the 7er.

Expect the 5er GT to be far more popular in Europe, where many families typically have one car that has to serve multiple purposes, versus the U.S., where multiple car ownership is common and the GT’s versatility may therefore not be as highly valued.