From various sources, including our good friend Herr26/Scott27 we are able to reveal some of the upcoming model debuts and premiers as well as a general model line up for 2011. We still have conflicting reports from our sources on some of this so we will try our best to hone things a bit over the coming days and weeks. We have broken everything down model by model, in some cases we can ‘t mention specifics just yet. Enjoy!

3 Series

In the next few weeks we will see the Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) of the BMW 3 Series coupe and cabrio (E92/E93). New engine options, minor styling tweaks, new equipment and color options will give the car a nice freshening. Minor refreshing will also be revealed for the ///M3. These refreshes make their World Premier in Geneva this March.

7 Series

The 7 Series will be shown in 740i/Li guise for the first time in the US market at the Detroit show. As with the 7 Series Active Hybrid and 740s the 750 models will join them and be sold as 2011 models after the their launch. The 760Li will remain a 2010 model until the fall.

5 Series

When the F10 5 Series was launched on the 23rd November there was some anticipation that the new 5er would debut at the LA Motor Show. Then there was also the feeling it would debut in Detroit. Sales in the North American market are rumored to not commence until the second quarter of 2010 with a New York Autoshow debut in April.

The World Premiere of the F10 will occur in Geneva where the public will be able to experience the full range of the new 5er from the 520d (EU) to the (for now) range topping 550i. The Concept Active Hybrid 5 will also be shown this time using a six cylinder engine assisted by a 40hp electric motor. An additional Concept car relating to a future product will also debut at Geneva. We have also heard from reliable sources that the F10 will debut prior to Geneva, specifically at the Chicago show in February.

Shanghai in April brings the important Chinese market the BMW 5er Li and a concept car.


The BMW X5 will also see a Life Cycle Impulse with minor styling tweaks. It will finally join the ranks of other BMW vehicles and receive turbo charged engines. The class leading Six cylinder diesel reently launched in the 740d will bring new levels of performance and efficiency to the X5 (in EU markets).

5 Series Sportswagon/Touring

Leading into Summer and in preparation for Paris, the BMW 5er Touring will be revealed with a more dynamic roof line than in the past.The M-Sport packages will also come at this time for both the touring and sedan. We still are hearing mixed reports as to whether the touring model will ever make a boat trip to this side of the Atlantic, though we still have high hopes.


Following the 7 year life span between models indicates the launch of the F25, second generation BMW X3 Sport Activity Vehicle, this time around built by BMW (itself) in the US. The new architecture, from chassis to electronics is a preview of what then next generation 3 Series will feature. These advances will also provide the X3 with improved driving dynamics, luxury and one thing it was surely lacking in: technology.

6 Series

In the latter half of the year towards the end of November(much like we saw the F10 5 Series this year) we will see the next generation 6 Series Coupe debut prior to the World Premiere at Geneva in 2011. Expect a more muscular fascia along the lines of the Z4 and CS concept. The engine lineup will be similar to that of the recently released 5, with turbo charging and efficiency front and center.


In late 2010, most likely at the LA Auto Show we will see the US debut of the BMW X1 prior to its early 2011 launch. The engine lineup for the US has still not been finalized as BMW awaits future emissions and fleet mpg requirements before it tips its hand. The X1 is based off of the current E91 3 Series wagon and was destined to be launched after the F25 X3 in the US market.

Efficient Dynamics/ Powertrains

As we have discussed in the past, 1 Series Active E will pick up where the MINI E left off.Leased to customers for a 12 month period but given all infrastructure to charge the car. The 1er Active E introduces eDrive to the BMW brand. As the larger models such as 5, 6 , 7 and the X vehicles retain Hybrid power either in full or mild hybrid,
the smaller cars such as 1erand X1 will eventually receive eDrive power-trains (battery/electric propulsion). We also hear that BMW will save the battery electric vehicles solely for the brand created as part of Project-i and the production based cars (MINI E, 1er Active E) are solely for R&D purposes and will never be produced as true models.

At the tail end of 2010 the first details of BMW ‘s new turbo charged four and three cylinders will be released as a teaser to begin the countdown to the summer 2011 launch of the next generation BMW 1er. What we can tell you now is that the 4 cylinder will approximate the output of the current naturally aspirated 6, so we would be surprised to see the 3 cylinder hit the US as it would be more along the line of the current EU 4 cylinders we do not see here.


All in all 2010 will be just as busy as 2009 for BMW (and us!). We can also exclusively say that while the above information is believed to be accurate there is a key area that is overlooked: some vehicles will also leave the market unexpectedly. We have heard from several sources that BMW will be dropping some vehicles from the US market, some to be replaced at a later date. We will keep you informed with further specifics when we can.

Since we are going to be asked, “What happened to the Z2 “, I will let the cat out of the bag and say that we will not see it debut as a concept until after the new 1 Series has been shown. It is a platform extender much like the MINI Roadster and Coupe. While it exists on paper, it does not yet exist as a car (like we were lead to believe), it remains a design exercise. It appears to have been confused by sources as the MINI “twins “.

As BMW enthusiasts we are looking forward to see these new vehicles and improvements set to debut. We will do our best to provide you with updates and accurate assessments as we hear more. Stay tuned!