One of our more trusted sources Scott26 has surfaced some details on the new M1 (or is it an M2?) recently throughout the web. This is by far the most thorough information we ‘ve had from a reportedly internal source on the new M1 and it would seem (based on the level of detail) that BMW is close to showing this car publicly in the guise of a concept. Geneva? That ‘s our hope.

Here are some excerpt from Scott ‘s posting on 1addicts.

>The M1 will differ from the standard 1er with a more muscular appearance especially at the front which receives a trapezoid grille flanked by two intakes to allow air to cool the six piston brakes. The larger grille at the front of the car also allows air into the High Performance Intercooler. Underneath the headlights the M1 follows the typical M look by having enclosed headlights or “eyebags ” this helps pronounce the front of the car and providing a more sporting look than the conventional 1er Coupe.


>- More muscular appearance than standard 1-series
>- Trapezoid grille flanked by two intakes to allow extra brake cooling
>- Six piston brakes
>- High performance intercooler
>- Sportier looking headlights than standard 1-series
>- Small lip spoilers above brake duct inlets to provide extra air flow and downforce
>- The front wings of the car are massaged slightly to accomodate the wider track. Rear end is also wider.
>- Standard 18 ” 5-spoke wheels with optional 18 ” Competition wheels (18 ” will be the optimium wheel size for the M1)
>- Signature M side vent
>- Broader wheel arches to accomodate larger track
>- “Ducktail ” CSL style rear trunk (integrated spoiler)
>- Rear valance/diffuser area takes its direction from the standard 135i but with open ducts for aerodynamic purpose
>- Signature M quad exhaust pipes
>- Reinforced carbon fiber roof