Above you can see the Official (US) numbers for the recently released 2011 BMW 335is. The “is ” is a step up in terms of performance and sporting intentions when compared with the base 335i. The 335is features an uprated 320 horsepower N54 twin turbo inline six cylinder engine.

We have reported regularly here at BimmerFile about the BMW Performance Engine Kit and how with a 6 speed manual transmission it is not given the same level of torque as its slush box counterpart. With the BMW Performance Engine Kit the torque comes in at 317 ft-lbs for the 6MT and 332 for the 6 speed auto, in both instances there is noticeable performance gains and we are all for that!

The factory built 335is negates this difference between the automatic and our preferred manual gear selector. The 335isgrants the manual transmission the full 332 ft-lbs and even allows it to take the 370 torques head on when overboost kicks in. From the Performance Engine Kit to the 335is in overboost is a whopping 53 ft-lbs difference, how did they do that?

According to Matthew Russell, a spokesperson for BMW Product/Technology and Motorsport, the 335is is equipped with a modified 335i flywheel. Since this flywheel is not available for cars equipped with the BMW Performance Engine Kit the full torque is not available.

The idea of a 335is just seems to keep getting better for us enthusiasts, a 6 speed with 370 ft-lbs just wanting to be unleashed…. oh the fun that must be!