It ‘s a day that many hardcore track and racing junkies have been waiting for. BMW NA is launching official BMW Motorsports parts for the E36 M3, E46 M3, E86 Z4 M Coupe and E92 M3. These parts are the real deal and also really pricey. Don ‘t expect to be able to drop a couple hundred on a front splitter. We ‘re talking 10k on full racing suspensions and 20K non-street legal P54B32 engines. That ‘s right, if you ever wanted a build out that $5,000 Craigslist E36 M3 into the ultimate OEM track car, you ‘ve got your parts. Just make sure you have some deep pockets.

We ‘ve obtained a full list of parts available for the E36, E46, E92 M3s as well as the E86 Z4 M Coupe from BMW NA (via bimmerboost) below. We do not have prices yet but we expect those shortly.

+ E92 M3 GT4 (US) / PDF

+ E86 2008 Z4 / PDF

+ E46 M3 / PDF

+ E36 M3 Group A / PDF

BMW NA has also identified several dealers (now known as Motorsports Centers) that will launch the program later this year:

Laurel BMW

Phone: 877-454-9352

Contact: Kevin Hale

Global Imports

Phone: 770-951-1119 x227

Contact: Jon Allen

BMW of Stratham

Phone: 800-989-5200

Contact: Mark Wilkins

BMW of Cleveland

Phone: 440-542-0600< br>

Contact: Bill Kenney

Now for the fine print via BMW NA:

>These BMW Motorsport/racing/off-road Parts Catalog gives you an overview of the specially developed BMW Motorsport parts. Some parts may not be available in the US and may not be approved for all racing series or class. All parts listed are intended for use on approved motorsport/racing/off-road series BMW vehicles ONLY. The parts are Not DOT-approved, homologated or street legal and may adversely affect the original manufacturer’s limited warranty on the vehicle. Installation of motorsport/racing/off-road parts on a vehicle may render it nonstreet legal. Suspension parts (including but not limited to struts, shock absorbers and springs) must be used together as a system and should not be partially installed or combined with any other components from BMW or other manufacturers. Purchasers of motorsport/racing/off-road parts will be required to sign a disclaimer, waiver and release.

So there you have it. We have BMW M Parts, BMW Performance parts and now BMW Motorsports parts. Clearly BMW has grasping the power of the aftermarket.