Britain ‘s Autocar is reporting that the M6 as we know it (a high performance petrol powered M coupe) will not be replaced when the current car goes offline late this year. In its place will be the production version of the Vision Concept with an as yet undetermined engine. On one hand you have the three cylinder turbo charged (potentially using three turbos) diesel with a electric hybrid engine that the Vision Concept had under the hood. Then again M could decide to use a version of the 4.4L twin turbo V8 in the upcoming M5 and BMW could use the three cylinder turbo diesel for the 1 and 3 products.

We ‘re not entirely sure this line of thinking is accurate. For instance why would BMW not leverage an existing engine (designed for the M5) in an existing chasis (the new 6er) and charge upwards of 100k for it?

Regardless of whether the M6 is built or not the Vision production car would likely be marketed as an entirely new product outside of the normal 5 and 6 series range.

Look for more news on the 2012 6 Series in the next few weeks.