Today in our series on BMW Technik we ‘re looking at the ultra secret Z13.Dreamt up in the early 90 ‘s and finally presented to the board in 1993, the Z13 completely re-wrote what we expected from the BMW brand. The engine in the front? Why not throw it in the back for optimal grip levels and handling characteristics? Seating? Why not simply have three seats with a center seat reserved for the driver while passengers are flanked on either side? (full gallery after the jump)

The packaging and the lightweight structure reported made this car the Group C rally car BMW never made.

The Z13 assisted BMW is helping to develop new safety techniques from lighter materials while pushing the boundaries of what was possible with the brand. And then it was shelved. Likely put in a large warehouse where it either was crated up and never seen again or (sadly more likely) like other internal Technik concepts it was destroyed.

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