We reported this a few months back on our podcast Bimmercast but we thought it was finally time to let the cat officially out of the bag. According to many well placed sources BMW AG has been unimpressed by the sales of the current E90 four door M3. Especially considering the cost of development associated with bringing it to market. Therefore these sources are telling us that there will only be two door M3s for the F30 generation 3 Series. That means we should expect a coupe and convertible with no additional four door.

As with the E36, it is the US market that seemingly demanded the four door E90 M3. However sales have been nothing less than disappointing for the car that many reviewers have called the best of the M3 family. However, there are at least some consolation on the horizon. Sources tell us that BMW will offer a performance model (similar to today ‘s 335is) in the next generation F30 four door.