According to the Touring Car Times BMW is expected to announce their return to the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters shortly.
“The BMW Board of Management is going to decide in the coming weeks. We look forward to once again welcome BMW to the DTM, ” said ITR board member Thomas Betzler to Focus.

BMW last took part in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters during the eighties, with Roberto Ravaglia claiming the title in 1989.

The DTM is undergoing changes in the regulations next year, in hopes to have more manufacturers join because since 2005 the race series has only had MB and Audis battling it out on the track. BMW has been present during the discussions on the coming regulations.

“We have presented our concept to BMW and we know that it is going to get a benevolent reception in Munich. It is not without a reason that BMW has been regulars at all major DTM meetings, ” said Betzler.

In late 2009 BMW ended its attempts to win in F1 as well as decreased its presence in the World Touring Car Championship. At the time this was seen as a cost savings measure as well as a push to focus more on production model based racing. It is very possible that if BMW joins the DTM, they would pull out of the WTCC to focus there efforts on GT racing and DTM racing.

Rendering: Jon Sibal