With several erroneous stories out there about the just announced X5 M recall, we thought it was our duty get a little clarity around the issue and answer some of your questions.So we spoke with with Matthew Russell (from BMW Product & Technology Communications department) about the recall and what exactly is behind it.

BimmerFile: First off what product is affected:

BMWNA: 2010 BMW X5 M SAVs produced between 7/1/09 and 1/25/10. Approximately 735.

BF: What ‘s the issue exactly?

BMWNA: The affected vehicles were not equipped with the power supply cables for the front side marker lamps (lamps are located in the outer corner of the headlight cluster).

BF: What can happen?

BMWNA: The front side marker lamps will not illuminate.

BF: Does this affect the ability to signal for turns?

BMWNA: No. Turn signal and hazard light operation are not affected.

BF: Can customers continue to drive their vehicles?

BMWNA: Yes, but BMW recommends that owners of affected vehicles, who will receive a letter asking them to schedule an appointment with their Authorized BMW SAV center, do so as soon as they receive the notification letter.

BF: How will customers be informed of the recall?

BMWNA: Owners of affected vehicles will receive a letter via First Class mail asking them to make a Service appointment with their Authorized BMW SAV center. The letters should go out in May 2010, or once the parts have been distributed to dealers. The repair may take up to four hours. Additional time may be required depending on the center’s scheduling and processing. The repair is free of charge.

Thanks Matt! So there you have it. The issue, while enough to warranty a recall is not a serious safety problem and certainly not serious enough to immediately stop driving the vehicles.