Since our recent test of the Z4 35is we ‘ve had several people comments, email and tweet us saying that the Z4 35is has a rear that is simply a deal breaker. But is it really that bad? Take a look above and you can easily see the difference between the Z4 with the M Sport aerokit and the Z4 35is. The “is ” literally has the same rear apron as the M Sport with one big exception – the rear faux defuser is painted body color rather than left flat black (or dark grey). Is it that bad? In our mind it ‘s definitely not as pleasing the eye as the M Sport package. It adds visual mass and looks less sporty in our eyes. But of course that ‘s us. Tell us what you think after the jump.

So here they are one more time for your voting pleasure (in order of fast-ness). Let us know which rear you prefer.

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Z4 35i

Z4 35i M Sport

Z4 35is