Updated with improved audio – this recording wasn ‘t quite the best but we ‘ve managed to work on the levels based on your feedback. Look for further improvements in next week ‘s show.

We ‘re celebrating our 20th episode of bringing you the best BMW news via the original BMW podcast and this week we ‘re fresh off drives of the 335is and the Z4 35is. We talk about both cars and how they bring M levels of performance to BMW ‘s “series ” cars. Steering feel is back in the Z4 and the 335is sounds like a race car. What ‘s not to like? We also get you updates on the latest news around the 1M that will debut in Paris.

Did someone say wagons? We talk the ultimate wagon killer, the 550 GT and how it compares to the 5er wagon as well as wagons in general. It ‘s big, fast and surprisingly capable. Is it truly a replacement for wagons? You ‘ll have to listen.


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