Our good friend Jonathan Spira at the Diesel Driver is passionate about diesels. This is a great thing for all of us diesel fans as he recently reviewed BMW ‘s new 530d. While this model is not headed stateside in the immediate future, rumors and carefully placed leaks have a diesel version of the F10 5er coming sometime next year along with a hybrid version. The US currently sees a sequential turbo inline six cylinder advanced diesel in the 335d and X5 35d.

The diesel starts up with a purposeful growl.Once underway (which can take a few moments since the safety detents on the gear selector require a ritual sequence of button pressing in order to change gears), the three-liter engine, introduced last year, delivers massive amounts of torque.The car weighs a mere 30 kg (66 pounds) additional compared to its petrol equivalent but it goes from 80 to 120 km/h in just 5 seconds (the petrol-powered 528i takes 7 seconds for the same exercise).Indeed, it’s hard to reconcile this amount of power with its miserly use of fuel.

For the full review head on over to the Diesel Driver. It is well worth the read.