BMW 6 Series

If you have been living under a rock for the last six months you may not be aware that the current 6 Series is ending production a bit early with 2010 models being the last produced. There are technical reasons for this that are overly complex and are really not worth delving into as this car being eliminated early is not going to make us shed a tear. Some of us (myself included) express disdain toward the 6 Series, not necessarily for those the car is marketed to or in the end who actually drives it but towards the car itself. The 6 is something of an anomaly when compared to other BMW models, it ‘s a model that had been set aside for a while and then resurrected as an effort to build a luxurious grand touring coupe to compete with the other German offerings.

The current 6er is a model that was designed to be trendy, sporty and ultra luxurious all in one package. It wasn ‘t great in any of those areas except for maybe the trendy part- which is huge reason why the car looks so incredibly dated already. It had luxury, but not more than say a 5 series and in a market place that included some very exclusive offerings, it just did not fit (especially in the ultra expensive ///M version) Looks aside, glad not to go there in depth, the car also was not as dynamic as some of BMWs other offerings. It had a balance and sporting intentions only the designing team and a few Kool Aid drinker ‘s could love, it was nothing like a BMW in many ways. It was a softer more posh luxo barge that drove the part, and yet was designed to compete with cars that would drive circles around it. The current generation 6 Series ultimately was a car that wore a badge that buyers liked. Sure we may be wrong and maybe our take on this BMW model is a bit harsh, but you are more than welcome to let us hear about it in the comments section, while we are huge BMW fans we can call a spade a spade and stick by it.

F13 6 Series Spied

The new 6 series lineup will feature a coupe, a convertible (a soft top with hard top option) and as we have been reporting a 4 door coupe along the lines of the Gran Coupe Concept. Rumors also have BMW working on a late addition offering in the form of a shooting brake; we feel like that would be one too many variants for such a low volume market and it will ultimately not be produced, but only time will tell. For power, like the current models, BMW will utilize some of the offerings from the 5 Series so there will be no surprises there- in the US we will see the V8 twin turbo and possibly an inline 6 turbo powered version. We expect BMW to improve the 6 Series a great deal moving forward with the new generation 6 (F12/13/14) set to debut in the Spring of 2011, and we truly want to like it. We have a suspicion that we will love the next 6 series and we will be the first to admit it when we do.

Spyshot- Car Magazine