As enthusiasts we are elated that BMW and ///M are creating a product that should in theory get closer to our ideal driver ‘s car- the 1 ///M. Here at BimmerFile we love the concept of this work in progress. Both staff and readers have been following the progress and speculation of this much anticipated model almost with religious fervor. All of the information we have acquired from sources have painted a fairly decent picture of what this future model will bring in terms of performance and how it will be priced somewhere in the mid forty thousand dollar range for a base car.

The pricing makes us wonder a bit as to what demand such a vehicle would have. In the speculated price point there will be many similarly priced cars fulfilling the same needs. Some of these competitors will either be new or slightly used. That begs the question: What would you buy for $45k? The model years of the choices in the poll take into account that the 1 series ///M version will not appear stateside until after March of 2011 as a 2012 model year from what we are hearing.

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