BimmerCast 25 is all about comparisons. The 1M is discussed in relation to other $45K cars following our recent poll. We even have a little P-car talk (used 997 anyone?).

Other topics:

– X3? Yes we have details on the X3. The soon to be released SAV has been teased in every way and we give you the details that we aren ‘t quite allowed to write yet.
– What about the 5 Series being sold-out? Sounds true but don ‘t expect BMW to have trouble filling dealer lots within a month. Oh and the design? Yes the term “forgettable ” is bandied about.
– The Matte Grey limited edition M3 is sold out and we talk about why and why we ‘re not huge fans.
– The X5 M; I expand on the recent review and why I both loved and loathed it.
– M6 anyone? Yes the prototype is on German roads and getting ready for a 2012 debut. So far it actually looks good.


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