C&D (the dinosaur of the car media world) got a chance to slip in the passenger seat of a prototype 1M Coupe recently and had this to say:

>We weren ‘t allowed to slip behind the wheel ourselves, but were treated to a very fast lap in the passenger seat as M GmbH chief engineer Albert Biermann whipped the coupe through the corners and down the straights of the Ascari racetrack. Getting the small M into a slight drift seemed as effortless as recovery, and the kick provided by the uprated engine represents a major step above the 135i. Turbo lag is slight and doesn ‘t significantly detract from the experience. Compared to the M3, you sit lower to the ground, the cabin is more compact, and thus you get a much better sense of speed than in the bigger car.

Exciting stuff. They go on to say the car isn ‘t as loud as they had hoped but otherwise it ‘s most impressive.