This is the one we ‘ve been waiting. Yes we have much love for M ‘s current range of products but it ‘s been hard to hide our excitement for this car. The 1 Series M Coupe (as it ‘s officially known) is inspired by the car that many of us look at as the ultimate M car – the E30 M3. The 1M (yes that ‘s our BF approved abbreviation) has been made possible by leveraging the proven components of the current M3 ‘s drivetrain. It has allowed M to create a plausible business case for the new model and thus keep the price reasonable. So let ‘s go over what we know about the car:


– Modified and twin turbo-charged N55 engine with anywhere between 335-350 hp with similar torque figures.
– The M3 ‘s trick differential (LSD).
– M3 derived 6 speed manual (there will be no DCT option). (EDITOR: Sources indicate that the M DCT will be optional as it is the buyers preference)
– While the car will feature weight savings techniques, the final figure may not be lower than the 135i due to the extra performance equipment.
– Quad exhaust.
– M Aerokit.
– Upgraded 135i brakes (with functioning air ducts).


– It will have a thorough personalization program similar to what MINI offers.
– Rumors persist that there should be some use of carbon fiber on the exterior – See the fender/A-pillar junction.
– M stripes are likely to be a signature look.
– 18 ” Competition wheels will be available in two finishes (as seen above).
– There will be no chrome trim on the exterior of the car.
– Matte paint will be an option in some markets.
– M will likely bring back retro BMW and M colors such as Inka Orange.


– Seats available in full and half-leather using M tri-color pattern on center of seats (like E30 / M3 Evo).
– M tricolor pattern on door panels (like E30 / M3 Evo).
– Carbon fiber dashboard panels / Aluminum panel options.
– Titanium and body color matched pieces extending to the door handles and gear shift surround trim.
– Alacantra seat fabric and roof headliner.

According to sources the Tii concept foreshadowed much of what we’ll see with this new 1M. Furthermore BMW is looking to take what they’ve learned from MINI and translate that into the 1M. BMW is well aware that people are modifying their cars (especially M3s and MINIs) to make their own personal statements. They want to create that experience from the factory and (naturally) profit from it instead of aftermarket companies.

One thing you can’t miss is the width of the fender flares. If you thought the standard 1 Series Coupe had flared fenders, the 1M will blow your mind.As you can see from the provided images, the texture of the unpainted fender material exposed above the camo-vinyl approaching the A-pillar validates the suspected use of thermoplastic fenders. Of course there’s a reason for this new found aggressiveness beyond looks. For one M wanted to create more stability with the 1 Series platform. But perhaps more importantly they also wanted to leverage as much as the E90 M3’s drivetrain components. That means the rear axle and the M3’s trick mechanical differential will be carried over in this car.

What does all this mean? You ‘re looking at an E92 M3 with less weight, a little less power but with all the ingredients that make that car so special. It may not have the flowing lines of the E92, but it has a purity in the entire package that the M3 may have a hard time matching.

Of course that last sentence deserves a big asterisk until the moment we drive it early next year. A test drive we ‘re definitely looking forward to.