BNW of North America is subtly updating the 1 Series for 2011. For starters the HiFi Sound System (option 676) that was previously standard prior to September 2009 production will again be standard for all 1 and 3 Series models produced as of September 2010. A quick refresher. The HiFi Sound System adds the 180 watt multi channel amplifier with equalizing, along with an additional 2 tweeters in the front doors. With the addition of the tweeters the total speaker count is now 8, including the 2 midrange speakers in the front doors, 2 central bass speakers under the front seats, and the two midrange speakers in the rear. The optional Harmon Kardon Surround Sound system (688) remains available for $875.

Elsewhere on the options list Comfort Access (322) functionality has been extended to include handle-area lighting. There is no change to the option price.

Gray Boston Leather (LWAL) has been changed from a Priority 1 option to a regular stand-alone option. It has also now includes a black world color vs. a gray world color (i.e., only the seats and door inserts come in grey. The remainder of the door surfaces and dashboard are now black, as is the case with the other leather options except for Taupe Boston Leather (LAW5).

The big update of course comes with the 1M which starts production in Q2 of 2011 with deliveries likely starting in April or May. We ‘ll have more details on that in the coming weeks and months.