Now that the 1 Series M Coupé has been partially unveiled we can start to tell you a bit more about the details around the car. The most controversial regard the transmission. Based on our understanding the 1M will be available only with a six speed manual transmission – essentially the same unit in the E9X M3.

Why no DCT? We believe the answer lies both on the technical side as well as marketing. First let ‘s start with the technical. The 1M was designed and engineered in record time. It was also done on a strict budget. The project was to be vey focused on creating the best drivers car possible for the money. Because the DCT would have had to come with completely different software we believe it would have been too costly to develop given the number built and the projected take-rate of the DCT worldwide. Yes there are some assumptions in there but we stand behind the reasoning.

Now onto the marketing. This car is meant for the old-school enthusiast (young and old). The 1M is meant look and feel nasty. It ‘s meant to have attitude. For God ‘s sake its internal name was Pyrat. Because of this M wanted to make a statement. You can call is the anti-X5M statement if you want. Whatever you call it the 1M will come with a 100% no apologies manual transmission.

Next up we ‘ll be talking about what we believe the six speed manual actually motivates.