The guys over at Everyday Driver TV are in need of some serious help from us BMW drivers.

They have arranged a comparison of the E92 BMW 335i coupe, the fugly new Cadillac CTS coupe and the Audi A5 2.0L but they have a huge problem on their hands. They have secured the other two cars but have yet to nail down the BMW.

That ‘s where we come in; if anyone is interested in having their E92 featured in the episode, while getting to watch the filming and have lunch on the house (in addition to a full tank of gas), shoot us an email via the contact link and we ‘ll get the ball rolling. They have references from owners who have had their cars featured in past shoots and will happily provide more info if needed.

Almost forgot- the shoot is Saturday September, 18 at an Orange County, California location to be determined.
The shoot sounds like a good time and it ‘s a great way to get your car on camera.