Some may have noticed that I recently had the honor of being a USA Networks Character, many thanks to all those that emailed in your congratulations. The thirty second spot above aired on several occasions during the new hit series Covert Affairs, which by no coincidence BMW is a sponsor of.

After being cast as myself, editor here at BimmerFile, came the job of me telling my BMW story in a 30 second time frame. That may sound easy to some but it was near impossible for me.

I (along with the director and producers) decided to tell a single story that is near and dear to my heart; taking my then significant other to Europe to pickup a BMW that ultimately was a way for me to surprise her with an engagement ring.Needless to say she was surprised and said yes. Meagan and I have had many happy road trips together and most recently we were blessed with our first child- Maximilian. He will soon enough be in his first BMW (push car that is).

Having never been part of a full scale video shoot like this before I was blown away. The shear number of people and the amount of equipment needed to pull of such a small commercial was mind bending. We shot over two days and everything was completely unscripted and done on the fly. The final product was better than I could have imagined and the talented crew should be commended for making it appear fluid and natural.