Worldcarfans has a few of the first photos of the F20 five door hatch adorned with the M Sport package and the always popular M Sport aerokit. We ‘re guessing that the testing is focusing on suspension and cooling (with the new front-end).

That aside, we ‘re curious to know what ‘s under the hood. The tell-tale signs of an N55 are there due to the twin exhausts but we hadn ‘t expected the 135i to appear in hatch form. Could it be an early mule for the 1er coupe? Or perhaps will we see the 135i in a hatch variation (likely not for the US market of course). Or perhaps even more interesting, is BMW extending the dual exhaust design philosophy to a high output four cylinder?

The F20 1 Series will show-up inthree and five door variety in late 2011 (as 2012 models) and the coupe and convertible will hit showrooms a year later in late 2012.

As we ‘ve previously reported, expect engines to grow in power and sophistication along with the car itself. Here’s the list of models and associated engine output as it stands now:

– 116i 1.6L Turbo 134 HP
– 118i 1.6L Turbo 154 HP
– 120i 2.0L Turbo 182 HP
– 125i 2.0L Turbo 215 HP
– 130i 2.0L Turbo 249 HP
– 135i 3.0L Turbo 300 HP

On the diesel front the engines will remain similar to the current range:

– 116d 2.0L 120 HP
– 118d 2.0L 148 HP
– 120d 2.0L 181 HP
– 123d 2.0L 200 HP

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