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We took a break of the 1M this week to talk about the new 6 Series concept. Is it finally a 6er that we can love? Early signs point to yes. Then we talk about the updated Vision concept for Paris. It ‘s a further iteration on what we saw last year but this time with a fully
functional the three cylinder diesel hybrid (among other things). Rounding out the sustainability section of the show we move to the ActiveE and BMW ‘s plans to expand it to new markets in the east and west coasts of the US.

Then it ‘s sound systems and BMW ‘s new tie-up with B&O.Could it spell the end of bad high-end stereos in BMWs?

Finally we end the show talking about the M3 and how it ‘s progressed (or not) over the years. Has increased power ruined us and the M3? Listen to the show and then sound-off below.

Oh and one last show note. We have new theme music for just this week courtesy of Led Zeppelin. It ‘s a tribute to my late Grandfather who ‘s favorite album was always Led Zeppelin II. Enjoy.