Outside of Atlanta sit two BMW M3s, they are not your ordinary run of the mill E92s though- these are extraordinary cars. They are known the world over as number 90 and 92. Both they and their drivers are prepping for a grueling 1,000-mile race that will test both man and machine a week from today.

Petit Le Mans will mark the end of BMW Rahal Letterman Racings second season competing in the American Le Man Series. While typical first year teething issues and gremlins plagued last season, this year has seen the drivers waving their Dunlop hats from the top of the podium. The year has not been all roses as both cars at one point or another have been taken off the track by flatbed and we will never forget the unfortunate passing of one of the teams biggest supporters; Jack Pitney. It has been an emotional roller coaster of a year for a team that has podiumed in eight consecutive races.

If we were discussing baseball we would be saying the team is amidst a tight pennant race, as this final race will decide not only the driver’s championship but the manufacturers’ championship as well. BMW trails Porsche by only a single point with the drivers of the #92 (Auberlin/Milner) currently 34 points back in third place, and the #90 (Müller/Hand) in fourth. It truly is a season up for grabs as we come down to the wire. All that should make for an exciting 10 hours of motorsports enjoyment.

Due to the length of the race each car will feature three drivers in place of the normal two. The 92 car will add driver Dirk Werner to the mix of Bill Auberlen and Tommy Milner with Dirk Müller and Joey Hand in the 90 car being joined by Andy Priaulx. Both additional drivers have spent time behind the wheel of these cars before and have competed in a variety of BMWs across Europe so they are both well up for the challenge Road Atlanta offers.

We here at BimmerFile are excited to announce that Matt and I will be covering this race LIVE in its entirety, from every conceivable angle and across multiple media platforms to help augment the Speed TV coverage. That’s right we are heading to Road Atlanta. We will have a dedicated live blog for the event in addition to our typical Twitter posts with BF exclusives and of course in depth coverage on the site. If you are not following us on Twitter or via RSS feed this is as good of a time as ever to start! We are working feverishly to bring you the in-depth coverage that enthusiasts want. If you are looking for a fluff piece about creature comforts from behind the wheel of a race car look else where as we’d rather focus on the oil and brake compounds. Have any questions or ideas for coverage shoot us a message via the contact button and you will be heard!