By now everyone is familiar with the legendary Bill Caswell E30. The man who took advantage of time (being unemployed) and an $500 E30 and found a loop-hole that allowed him to enter the Mexican round of the WRC. Bill didn ‘t just finish but came in 3rd place in his class and a hypothetical 23rd against the full WRC competition. So what does the man do for an encore? Clearly the answer is Baja 1000.

As part of a few sponsors efforts (brilliant sponsors I might add) Bill and his car have been flown to SEMA where he ‘s actually putting the car together on the show floor. Autoblog has a pictorial account of event here.

And as a side note we at BF would like to wish Bill (who happens to live a few miles down the street from me) all the luck in the world as he prepare to take on the biggest challenge yet in the Baja. We ‘ll be following this story closely.