The oft on again/ off again X7 appears to be back to the forefront of BMW executives ‘ minds. According to the Wall Street Journal and BMW insider Scott/Herr 26, BMW is close to officially green lighting the project.

This is no surprise to us; as between the US and China BMW has a group of buyers that would love more interior space in their softroader. What this really shows is that BMW built an X5 that may actually have been too small. Take your average family of 4 add in a couple of soccer teamates and mom (or dad) now needs a functioning third row. The current third row in the X5 is laughable, similar to calling a Porsche 997 a four-seater.

If BMW had just made the X5 a little longer like say a Q7 there would be no need for the X7. As we now can see, BMW can make a vehicle that is too small! This is also an indication that the global economy may be improving. BMW is usually conservative in projections of sales and for a model vehicle that will cost a significant sum to buy the bean counters feel it will be profitable enough to be reconsidering manufacturing it.

One final note is that BMW still does not have an R Class competitor- we hope it stays that way.