The 6 Series onslaught continues. Yes this isn ‘t the typical BMW we fall in love with on BimmerFile but we have to give where credit is due based on what we know so far; BMW has created a gorgeous sport GT worthy of the E28 6 Series credentials.

BMW 650i Convertible Video: The Design

This latest look at the 650i focuses on the design of the car and the concept behind it. In short the story of the new 6er is one of elegance and sport. It ‘s a GT in the classic sense. It ‘s also the story of BMW finally getting it right. Where the previous 6er had an heir of bloat about it, this new car (despite being wider, longer and heavier) looks more athletic and purposeful. (Engineering & Production after the break)

BMW 650i Convertible Video: Engineering & Production

It likely comes as a surprise but BMW has been building pre-production 6 Series for months now in Germany. And of course the design and engineering process has been going on almost since the moment the previous 6er was released. This video gives us a look at the process and all that goes into making a new BMW.