As readers by now know, we love the now extinct Z4 ///M Coupe. We have even gone as far as saying it is the ultimate modern ///M. If it was not for practicality more of us enthusiasts would have them parked outside of our homes, but sales suffered and BMW has shied away from discussing making an ///M of the newest drop top Z4.

From the outside it looks like BMW has no interest in building another Z4 ///M, stating poor sales numbers are probable as past efforts have shown. There is one glaring issue that may force BMW to build this car they rather not discuss- they will have no high performance model in that pricepoint once the E9X M3 is set out to pasture in 2012, and a two year gap until the next M3.

Z4 M Coupe

With BMW Motorsport building and racing hard top Z4s throughout Europe, BMW seems to be showing their hand- using these race cars as preemptive marketing. Will there be enough of an interest to offer a Z4M? Will the new 1M be enough of a test case for the enthusiast market to see if we will put our money where are mouth is to allow BMW to build such a car? That is still up for debate, but we believe BMW is working on something to fill the gap in the lineup for 2012. Will it be the return of the Z4M? All we know for sure is that it will definitelypiqué our interest.