As wepredicted BMW has taken MINI Connected and stamped a BMW logo on it for use in the refreshed 2011 1 Series line-up. And the first real fruits of that have shown up today in the Apple iOS app store.

No surprise given MINI Connected functionality but the BMW app delivers web radio, Facebook and Twitter integration. The app also gives you access to fuel level, range and trip computer functionality (updated each time you plugin). Perhaps just as important the app also allows for the iPod-out functionality co-developed by Apple and BMW. iPod-out puts an automotive grade interface (designed by Apple) on the cars screen for easier navigation. It also supports future features simply by updating the iOS on your device.

The app is only compatible with cars produced from March onward with the 6NR option (which is only available with Navigation and USB connection). But the app is free and available now.

Our sources have indicated that BMW is considering Blackberry and Android versions for later in 2011.

iTunes link: BMW