We ‘re back at NIAIS with likely the interview many of you have been waiting for years.Matthew Russel is one of us in most ways. He races E30s and lives and breathes BMW. The difference is he also happens to be the newly appointed M Brand Manager for the US. Matt is also a big fan of the 1M. Again like us but the difference is he ‘s driven it and likely knows more about it than anyone on the planet other than the engineers that created it. So it ‘s with great pleasure that we were able speak with him today about the 1M. We go into details about the car, the engine and what makes the entire package special.

We also get some answers. We press him on the options debacle (ie why I have to order two packages to get an iPod connector). And we also get some positive news about European delivery and the pricing details around it. The short answer is that he expects the ED pricing discount to be inline with other 1 Series and M cars.

Of course Matt is also the Alplina brand manager in the US so we talk B3, B5 and B7. There ‘s even a mention of the fabulous D3 that is still winning awards in Europe.

Finally we get a few vague references to the next generation M5.

In short, you won ‘t want to miss this interview.

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