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We ‘re back this week with the number one most requested feature: IMPROVED AUDIO. With the help with a certified audio engineer we ‘ve worked on the recording process and production to bring everything up a notch (or two). Granted it ‘s still a podcast and still not done in a professional studio but it ‘s step-up in to our ears.

Now onto the show. The M3 Wagon? Frankly I can ‘t see it being made in time but Michael stands his ground and remains pretty confident it ‘s, at the very least, being considered. Then we move onto the Countryman based hybrid that BMW will eventually be offering and why it may not be such a bad thing.

Of course we have some 1M discussion. This time it ‘s around the real-world weight figures we had on the site. Next up is the M5 which we got a glimpse of last week as it was being loaded onto a cargo plane (destined for some exotic testing location surely).

Finally sunroofs. We ‘re not fans (on coupes at least) as they add weight, complexity and rattles. Our advice if you love the sun? Go with one of BMW ‘s excellent convertibles. But we want to hear your thoughts.