M-Power.com has released new marketing materials which have a few tidbits of information that we find interesting. We ‘ll give you those specifics but you can get te rest of the info from the source. This is just the first part of a series of technical releases they have in the works. As we have said in the past M really took this car apart and made changes they felt fit.

We had heard a few months back that M had made some changes to the N54 which was greater than just software- we heard tolerances of reciprocating parts had been improved. Looks like our sources were spot on.

“Newly designed piston rings are used in the engine. “

This new information points to a 6 speed manual that is neither from
The 135i or the M3 but rather a entirely new gearbox.

The compact six-speed transmission with dry sump lubrication is a new development and has a weight of just 43 kg – much lighter than similar gearboxes. “

Another surprise to us was that the drive shaft was redesigned, in typical M fashion it appears they over engineered it.

“Because the drive shaft is also a new part, every ing is specifically tailored to the requirements of the BMW Series 1 M Coupé in this combination, starting from the flange of the crank shaft. “