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We ‘re back from a small break to talk about seemingly everything BMW. We start off with the M3 and what we want to see out of a special M3. We ‘re talking special here folks – not software and wheels. We want something we can ‘t get elsewhere. Hit the comment section below to give us (and in turn BMW) your thoughts as well.

We then tackle 1M production numbers and engine changes. Yes there will be engine changes. And final US numbers? They ‘re evolving but we give you a few bits of info which we can ‘t and won ‘t print (yet).

Moving on the M5 using an automatic. Looks like it ‘s not a done deal yet but the writing is on the wall – DCT may not be the transmission of choice as many of us had expected.

Michael and I then go through the BMW news from the past few weeks ranging from F20 1 Series updates to the F30 3 Series news. And the latter is where we spend the most time talking about weight, engines and overall position of the new car.

And what ‘s this about Infiniti and Acura? We also spend some time breaking down how those cars position themselves in the marketplace against BMW and even Audi (hint – they blow Audi away).