With all the talk of BMW potentially bring an M3 wagon to market, we had our doubts we ‘d actually ever see one. But M3post member 63NP has taken matters into his own hands and created M3 touring of our dreams. The exceptionally well done bespoke car was converted from a 2007 E91 318i. Yes a lowly 318i touring has ben turned into a fire-breathing M3 monster. And to say this car is complete would be an understatement. The amount of bespoke work that has gone into the project is almost unimaginable. From the custom rear leather seats to the rear fenders we can ‘t imagine a better M3 Touring unless it came from the factory. And even that wouldn ‘t have the attention to detail that this car has.

Will BMW actually build a car like this? We know there is some internal talk but it ‘s still likely a long-shot. But until then we ‘ll all bask in the glory that is this bespoke E91 m3.

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