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This week we talk 1M allocation and production trying to put the nail in the coffin on many of the questions we ‘ve been getting. We also talk briefly about the 1M MotoGP pace car that happens to look an awful lot like some sort of 1M GTS.

We them move onto the M3 Performance exhaust and it ‘s glorious sound. A sound incredible enough to make Michael drive with windows down in 15 F degree weather.

Then there ‘s the next generation M5. Will it have an auto, DCT or even a manual. We weigh in with our thoughts in each and why an auto (a different kind of auto mind you) may not be a bad option.

And what about this rumor of the N54 going away? It ‘s true and we break down what to expect for the IS cars that still have it. Part and parcel to that is BMW Performance ‘s new tuned N55. This is the first time BMW has tuned a car with Valvetronic so it ‘ll be interesting to compare it to the previous offering from Performance.

Finally I wrap-up my recent trip to Munich with talk about the BMW Museum and the incredible Art Car collection that is currently on display. In short, it ‘s a must see.