We all know that some of us are against metallic paint, especially metallic orange so what is one to do if you want a Fire Orange M3 Coupe ‘? For the first time in the US, there is just such a car. Will Shaw, the number one ///M salesman in the Western Region has obtained an Individual car in Fire Orange for his current dealership Nick Alexander in California. In the past Will has sold Laguna Seca Blue cars but this go around he wanted to build a GTS look alike from parts that are available to us stateside.

Starting with a nicely equipped Individually painted car, Nick had added M Performance parts to give the car a more sporty and menacing look. The Carbon Fiber deck spoiler and interior along with the black kidneys do just the trick. The car is now sporting the Black M Performance wheels (like on the GTS) and comes in at a total price of $82,387. While it is not cheap, it sure is a nice build and you definitely won ‘t be seeing another one during your daily commute.

Thanks Will for the tip!