Some of us here have been pondering, where is the next CSL? Previous generations of ///M cars have had lightweight editions towards the end of the production run, and we have been waiting some time since the E46 CSL left, or in our case stateside never came.

Coupe Special Light was a way for the engineers to build something faster without really adding much to the car. The goal was to take things away, especially weight. This was accomplished through using lighter weight materials such as carbon fiber or removing unnecessary luxuries.

With carbon fiber being more mainstream than it was nearly a decade ago prices have come down a bit. If ///M was to create a CSL it wouldbe more affordable than when the E46 came to market, which creates more of a business case for the US to actually see it on its roads.

Unlike the ///M3 GTS, a CSL would not be about added power/displacement or for competition. The CSL would be about being light on its feet, nimble, and creating more power by losing weight.

Have we already seen the next CSL in the 1M Moto GP Safety Cars? If you take off the light bars and remove the cage, it sounds strangely familiar to a CSL in design. The changes these 1Ms see sound all too familiar. These sound like changes to LOSE weight:

– Carbon fiber hood with extra ventilation
– Polycarbonate side and rear windows
– Lightweight titanium exhaust
– Rear wing similar to the M3 GTS
– Front Splitter
– Six piston racing brakes

You are probably wondering why ///M would even consider making a more limited version of an already limited car. To put it simply- Why not leverage what you have and use every last unit to A) Make a profit and B) cater to a different client base.

There is a market for limited run ///M3s (matte black is coming) so why not for the 1///M? Dr. Kay appears to have his fingers on the pulse of enthusiasts and the performance car market so while we won ‘t know for a while what the next CSL will be, we have a feeling we may already be looking at it.

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