Car and Driver BMW F30 Render

It is about a year away from when the F-code 3 Series sedan hits the market and the speculation as to its looks has begun in full force. This time with Car and Driver taking their stab at it.

The F30 3 Series will build on BMW ‘s Efficient Dynamics program through the use of increasingly efficient engines, thanks to a full tilt technology overhaul. Gone will be the naturally aspirate powerplants, replaced by turbo offerings in both four and six cylinder varieties.

Rumors of increased use of lightweight materials continues but what is definite is that BMW has used the Munich wind tunnel to get the most efficient air movement and lowest drag coefficient they could to squeeze out the MPGs. Spy photos have been limited as this car is being heavily tested in BMWs new indoor environmental lab. The new lab allows the engineers to recreate any climate deluge they want at the press of a few buttons. That sure beats the heat of a desert!

Stay tuned for more news on the 2013 3er.

Source: Car and Driver