Autoblog has the first clear images of what will be known as the 3 Series GT. Clearly based on the principles of the 5er GT, this car will slot between the F30 3 Series wagon and the X3. But what about the wagon you ask? It ‘ll still be available but it ‘s very unlikely headed for the US market with the introduction of the next 3 Seres range.

With that out of the way let ‘s talk about how this thing actually looks. Now that we ‘ve seen the first clean view of it ‘s silhouette, indications aren ‘t good. We can ‘t imagine BMW ‘s interpretation of the highly criticized Honda Crosstour will be a hit with buyers, let alone BMW buyers. While the trunk/hatch looks less complicated than the 5 GT, it ‘s impossibly high tail look awkward at best.

And what of the rumor that what we see above is to kill the 3er wagon in the US? We remain convinced that BMWNA is planning on bringing the 3er GT to the US and not the next generation wagon. And sales seem to back-up this plan. The 5 GT has easily outsold the 5er wagon from previous years and it ‘s brought new buyers to the BMW brand.

Clearly the writing is on the wall and the 3 GT is coming. While this early view isn ‘t promising, we still hold-out hope that what we see above will be magically transformed when the cladding comes off and the bigger wheels go on.