We ‘re still about a month away from driving the 1M but some of US based buff-books have already taken the smallest M for a spin. First it was Car & Driver. Today it ‘s Automobile. Here ‘s an excerpt:

>What the 1-series M coupe does remarkably well is indulge in various octaves of power oversteer. In the wet, the DSC ‘s M Dynamic mode easily induces a tail-happy attitude. With DSC off, you almost wish for side window wipers so you could look more clearly into the shocked eyes of oncoming motorists. With maximum torque available from 1500 to 4500 rpm, there is always enough second-gear oomph underfoot to smoke the Michelins, which don ‘t grip particularly well when cold. All of which proves the point that when your prime goal is to stage a private drift challenge against your alter ego, rear-wheel drive and a friendly tire dealer are the two essentials.

>Still, on the smiles-per-mile charts, the 1-series M coupe can ‘t be beat. It is a challenging piece, a triple-X-rated driver ‘s machine for semi-professionals. Its handling balance provides an open invitation to indulge in latent oversteer, and provides an opportunity to separate the men from the boys. It is an absolute hoot on the track and an addictive plaything on your favorite twisty back road.

You can read the full article here.