1M Allocation

We have received many inquiries in regards to 1M allocations. So here is what we know based on conversations with several well placed sources. The truth is that area representatives for BMWNA know when each dealer will get their allocation (again- confirmed by multiple sources). As this screen shot of an email demonstrates, the area rep clearly tells the dealer WHEN and HOW MANY cars they will be getting. It doesn ‘t get more obvious and frank than this.

They know and have known for some time the month a dealer will get an allocation. However, what they don ‘t know is an exact build slot or date, that is what is decided the month prior based on the factory load and other variables that do not matter herein. Most of these areas reps (if not ALL) had conveyed this message to each dealerships general sales manager and/or owner months ago. What that individual has done with the information is anyone ‘s guess. This is how many individuals (Gabe included) know when they can expect their car. You may be asking yourself, Why would the dealer not tell me when my build is?

There are numerous reasons a dealer may not tell you, specifically they do not want to lose a sale. If they tell you your slot with them is in November and another dealer in the area (or country at this point) has an open slot in July they will undoubtedly lose your sale. Another scenario (gleamed from a dealer today); a dealer currently only has two slots but “sold ” three cars in hopes they would get another build or that a buyer might pull-out. The loser in this scenario is obviously the person with that third build.

The reason may simply be that the general sales manager is worried about hitting this months targets and moving as much product as possible so a single car that is not hitting the US until November is not even on his radar at this point. He may not have passed on any information to the salesperson or the information was glanced over and dismissed.

BMW NA must abide by the allocation formula and has little control over what dealers choose to tell their customers in regards to allocations as part of franchising agreements. That ‘s an important point. The issue is not with BMW. If you feel this process has not been up to par or you feel left out in the dark- let the dealer know when it comes time for you to answer the CSI survey. That will impact them on many levels. Or better yet just ask for some final clarity as to when your car is coming.

We hope this helps and settle the 1M allocation debacle once and for all. Now we ‘re going to go back to staring at the 1M Safety Car at the top of this page.