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This week ‘s show sees us going from energy effecient to insanely fast. We start talking about the ActiveE and the new US spec four cylinder Z4. More specifically we talk about the new Z4 28i and how it stacks up in terms of performance and effeciency to the old Z4 30i model. And then there ‘s the 50:50 weight distribution 1 Series based ActiveE. 168hp and 250 nM of torque. Not bad for an electric car.

We then move onto the 560 hp + M5 and how it will soon reign as the fastest BMW of all time. Not bad for a 4,000 lbs + four doors.

After moving through some 1M talk we then can ‘t let the Z4 GT3 go unnoticed. Why has BMW revised a one year old customer racecar? And what happens after the M3 GT2 is put out to pasture in a year or two? Will the Z4 take it ‘s place. And then what of a road going version? We can ‘t help but speculate.

And yes we ran long so no talk of the front wheel drive BMWs. Look for that in the next show.