US Diesel Pump

We all know that the end of the naturally aspirated engine is history due to future emission regulations but what is the future? According to the WSJ it is at least for the short term, European luxury brands bringing some frugal powerplants that have been missing from US offerings. Audi and Mercedes Benz plan on offering more diesels, even in their flagship models the A8 and S Class. These diesels will boost each sedans fuel economy significantly and begs the question, Why has it taken so long?

While BMW currently offers a diesel in two models, the 3 Series and X5, it is not the most efficient offering in the arsenal and unfortunately there are no additional diesels being announced at this time. BMW already leads in terms of efficiency within the luxury segment and the article noted above did not mention while the other Europeans are bringing new diesels, BMW recently introduced a turbo four cylinder that has equally impressive efficiency and will be gasoline fueled. What it all boils down to is that gas prices will continue to rise and as a society we will try and use less but not sacrifice performance so technology will reign supreme. BMW ‘s next chapter in electric mobility will also be out in the real world this summer in the form of the Active E, an electric 1 Series.